OBD 11 Professional Car Tester ELM327

KES 5,000 KES 3,500

Product Specifications:

Read diagnostic trouble codes, both generic and manufacturer-specific, and display their meaning (over 3000 generic code definitions in the database)

Compatible with different mobile Apps

Display current sensor data, including: Engine RPM, Calculated Load Value, Coolant Temperature, Fuel System Status, Vehicle Speed, Short Term Fuel Trim, Long Term Fuel Trim, Intake Manifold Pressure, Timing Advance, Intake Air Temperature, Air Flow Rate, Absolute Throttle Position, Oxygen sensor voltages, Associated short term fuel trims, Fuel System status, Fuel Pressure

Output protocol: Bluetooth

Color: blue

Material: plastic

Voltage: 12V

Current: 45mA

Wave frequency: 38400Hz

Applicable scope: 5-10m/ 16.4-32.8ft

Item size: 4.7 * 2.3 * 3.1cm/ 1.8 * 0.9 * 1.2inch

Item weight: 21g/ 0.7oz

Packing include: 1 * OBD2 Bluetooth scanner interface, 1 * CD-ROM


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