Car Snack and Play Travel Tray – Blue

KES 4,000 KES 2,000

Product Specifications:

With the Snack and Play Travel Tray Car Seat, you can make sure that your child is occupied during those long, boring drives

This car seat tray boasts 3.25inch high sides that keep things from falling out during bumpy rides

You can store crayons, sippy cups, and other essentials in the mesh side pockets of this tray

You do not have to worry about your child making a mess while playing or eating as this tray is made of nylon material, which is very easy to clean

This snack and play travel tray is made of high-quality materials such as nylon, foam, and, polyester that make it very durable and rugged

You can easily attach this tray to your car seats

This blue colored car seat travel tray can be folded for travel or storage

Safe and Useful this car seat tray is very safe to use as it is made of soft foam that keeps children from hurting themselves

This tray makes sure that your child is entertained throughout the journey

Perfect Design this tray boasts an adjustable back strap that keeps the tray secured to the child

The contour design of this tray fits properly around your baby’s waist

You can fold this tray when not in use for storage or travel purposes.


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